About the Company
Oomph is Indonesia localized platform that focused on digital community. Started from app store that provided wide variety of Android applications, daily news and videos, now Oomph evolved even bigger.

In late 2019, new platforms Brisik ID and Feedio ID has been launched to reach out Indonesian users even more. Using these 3 platforms as main pillars, we successfully built healthier digital community in Indonesia.

How It Works
As an integrated platforms, Brisik ID help to increase people's awareness about Indonesia's potential & value in each region, while Feedio ID visualize those potential using videos. Oomph ID stitch all those things together and brings local resources in each region to monetize their services.
You're just one step away from joining fun & entertaining Indonesia' digital community.
Monetize your video
Just upload and get the money along with your views.
Gateway to millions of potential users
Oomph delivers your app to a vast Indonesian user base. Work with us now!

Wanna know more about us?
See latest press release below
Feedio & Brisik Will Fight Along With Oomph to Penetrate Indonesia's Region
Oomph, The biggest Android platform and leading mobile content provider in Indonesia, announced Feedio ID and Brisik.ID. Both are integrated platforms inside Oomph's ecosystem.

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VNEX Sign Collaboration Agreement with Oomph
Oomph, the biggest Android engagement platform in Indonesia and VNEX TV (Video Edutainment Experience), the digital-based video services, announced a exclusive partnership enabling Oomph to provide its users with video contents from VNEX TV.

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Japan's Advertising Company, UNITED, Inc, invests on Oomph
Oomph, the biggest Android engaging platform in Indonesia, announced undisclosed amount of funding from UNITED, Inc., based in Japan. The financing will be used to fund Oomph's continued expansion and for further investment in its platform.

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