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Galactic Multimedia Hold 10% of Android Users in Indonesia
August 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia - A new achievement achieved by PT Galactic Multimedia as an Android content provider in Indonesia. Previously, PT Galactic Multimedia was targeting 4 million embedded users at the end of 2014. But the figure had reached much earlier at the end of August 2014.

With the number of Android users in Indonesia reached 35-40 million users, PT Multimedia Galactic already grabbed 10 percent of Android users in Indonesia.

"The growth of Android users in Indonesia is very robust. By reaching 4 million embedded users, it means we've won at least 10 percent of all Android users in Indonesia. Our next target is 5 million embedded users by the end of this year", said Arthur Chua, CEO of PT Galactic Multimedia.

With achievement after achievement in not too distant future, this indicates that the strategy promoted by PT Multimedia Galactic is the right step in pampering Android users in Indonesia.