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Jakarta, 5 June 2015 - Following a seed investment of an undisclosed amount from Japanese venture capital firm IMJ Investment Partners, and a strategic partnership with world renowned games company ZeptoLab, Indonesian mobile content provider Oomph has disclosed to the media that it now has 6.6 monthly active users, with approximately 8,000 new users signing up every day.

Since the beginning of 2015, Oomph has seen an astonishing rate of growth, particularly after participating in the pitch battle at the April SLUSH Asia tech conference in Tokyo.

According to Arthur Chua, CEO of Oomph's parent company PT Galactic Multimedia, Oomph appeals to Indonesians for a variety of reasons.

"Oomph is gaining a real strong position in the local market. What other international content providers may not realize about Indonesia is that the market has a very specific set of needs," explains Chua. "Mobile content must be made to fit perfectly with Indonesian culture, behavior, and sentiments. Indonesians also need a safe and reliable way to pay for their downloads."

"All the apps and content that appear on our platform has been screened and evaluated with great care," says Stanley Tan, Oomph's Director and Co-founder. "More than 10,000 mobile apps, games, and downloads have been vetted for family friendliness before we even consider putting it up on Oomph."

Along with brand new partnership synergies, a localized approach with an international standard of quality, Oomph is poised to corner the Indonesian market in variety of ways. In coming weeks, the firm will release a messenger chat feature to allow users better communication, along with a brand new user interface.