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Feedio & Brisik Will Fight Along With Oomph to Penetrate Indonesia's Region
Oomph, The biggest Android platform and leading mobile content provider in Indonesia, announced Feedio ID and Brisik.ID. Both are integrated platforms inside Oomph's ecosystem.

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VNEX Sign Collaboration Agreement with Oomph
Oomph, the biggest Android engagement platform in Indonesia and VNEX TV (Video Edutainment Experience), the digital-based video services, announced a exclusive partnership enabling Oomph to provide its users with video contents from VNEX TV.

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Japan's Advertising Company, UNITED, Inc, invests on Oomph
Oomph, the biggest Android engaging platform in Indonesia, announced undisclosed amount of funding from UNITED, Inc., based in Japan. The financing will be used to fund Oomph's continued expansion and for further investment in its platform.

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SOSV, World Wide Venture Capital, Invests on Oomph
SOSV is an accelerator and venture capital firm which is widely known as the organiser of leading accelerator programmes in China and Asia in general, such as Chinaccelerator, HAX, Food-X, MOX, and Indie-Bio.

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Geniee Has Signed an Investment Agreement With Oomph
GENIEE, Inc. announces that it has signed an investment agreement with PT. GALACTIC MULTIMEDIA, which provides Android application market media in Indonesia.

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KapanLagi Network Bring Indonesia's Best Android Experience via Oomph
Oomph, one of Indonesia's leading mobile content providers for Android, announced earlier today that it recently sealed a partnership with KapanLagi Network (KLN), the biggest online media company in the country. With the partnership, Oomph will distribut

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Following a seed investment of an undisclosed amount from Japanese venture capital firm IMJ Investment Partners, and a strategic partnership with world renowned games company ZeptoLab.

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Oomph Included in the Top 10 Startup List With Rapid Growth
February 2015, 2014 was a pivotal year for Indonesia's tech scene. Some companies funding from both outside and inside the country are investing money into startups in Indonesia.

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Oomph Secured Funding from Japan-based IMJ Investment Partners
February 2015, Android app store Oomph, has secured a round of seed funding of an undisclosed amount. Oomph will use the funds to strengthen the team and expedite growth.

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PT Galactic Multimedia announces its newest achievement with 5 million embedded users
December 2014, PT Galactic Multimedia announces its newest achievement with 5 million embedded users on November 19th 2014. The addition of 1 million user from 4 million to 5 million, occurs only within a period of three months from August 2014.

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Galactic Multimedia Hold 10% of Android Users in Indonesia
A new achievement achieved by PT Galactic Multimedia as an Android content provider in Indonesia. Previously, PT Galactic Multimedia was targeting 4 million embedded users at the end of 2014. But the figure had reached much earlier at the end of August 20

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Galactic Multimedia has reached 3 Million Embedded User
Just over four months from February 2014, PT Galactic Multimedia, an Android content provider company that carries local values, announced their achievement of 3 million embedded user. This figure is achieved even before the end of June 2014.

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Galactic Multimedia Reached Two Million Embedded User
PT Galactic Multimedia, an android content provider company with local values, announced its new achievement with the number of embedded user has reached two million users on last February 2014.

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